Tackling Virtual School with Real-World Support!

Virtual school can be a great alternative to traditional schooling.  With ease of access and flexible formats, students and families can find a lot of resolve to challenges of a traditional setting. Like any other change in life moving a student out of the classroom can present new challenges.

Students enrolled in virtual school courses still require the same skills as a student sitting in a classroom. Lessons need to be understood, notes taken, and exam passed but without the aid of a teacher who is able to see their notes and monitor progress day to day, students may face challenges with interpreting lessons, managing self-pacing and staying organized. These challenges aren’t new to the average student but then again, the average student has a built-in support team of teachers and classmates. This is where the Learning Center can help!

At Lucy Zelman’s Learning Center, we have begun an expansion into virtual school support.


With varying degrees of support, our tutors at the Learning Center are equipped to:

-          Aid in lesson instruction

-          Provide additional personalized lessons

-          Aid in the development of conversational skills in foreign languages

-          Teach organizational skills

-          Teach time management skills


On top of guiding your virtual school student to academic success, we believe that this format will aid in cultivating social and interpersonal skills necessary for the development of every well-rounded student.

Please contact Lucy Zelman’s Learning Center with any inquiries you have at 

tutorlzmiami@gmail.com or (305) 378-8582.