We have individualized programs suitable for any student's needs.

Individual/1-1 Program

We offer individual subject tutoring in a one-to-one environment.  For elementary students subjects include writing, handwriting, reading comprehension, mathematics (computations/applications), word study and phonics.  For middle and high school students subjects include foreign languages, language arts, history, sciences (physical science, biology, chemistry, physics), math (pre-algebra, algebra I and II, geometry and calculus).  We also teach organization/study skills as well as provide enrichment and developmental activities. These sessions run for one hour.


Homework Coaching

These sessions allow students to complete their assigned homework as well as improve their organization/study skills.  The hour and a half sessions are on a 3 to 1 student/tutor ratio.  Besides providing basic instruction, we also provide enrichment and developmental activities.  This environment allows us to identify children who need short or long term remediation in basic skills.  Each student entering this program must have a needs assessment done by our tester.  This will evaluate each student's level of achievement and determine any educational gaps and needs.


Standardized Test Preparation

These sessions include individualized lessons and practice tests for standardized tests including but not limited to the SAT, ACT, FSA, and private school entrance exams.  After an initial assessment, we provide individualized lessons to remediate deficient skills. The sessions are for an hour and a half.


Virtual School Reinforcement
These sessions  provide structure, support and motivation for students enrolled in virtual school courses.  Tutors will help ensure that students are on track,  completing assignments and understanding difficult concepts.