About Us

Lucy Zelman’s Learning Center is devoted to helping students become independent, organized, self-motivated learners. We foster and mirror proper study and organizational skills in our homework-coaching program. During our individual sessions, study skills are stressed and provide the foundation for success in the specific subject area.


The Learning Center's goals are to:

¨ Remediate skills and improve grades

¨ Identify and address academic weaknesses

¨ Work on Assignments and long term projects

¨ Track progress, both academic and motivational

¨ Help students become organized and efficient


Lucy Zelman, M.Ed., received her undergraduate degree from NYU and a master’s degree from Queens College.  For more than 40 years, Lucy has been involved in the field of education: facilitating, tutoring, and teaching in the classroom.

Jessica Zelman, M.S. Ed. received her undergraduate degree from FSU in Physics Education. She received a Master's of Science from UM in Emotional and Behavioral Disorders and Learning Disabilities. She has been teaching in the private and public sectors for over 15 years.
Diverse learners require diverse practices.  We employ different approaches and strategies tailored to the learning abilities, needs and styles of our students.