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COVID-19 UPDATE (April 2021): Our physical location is open for in person 1-1 sessions.  We will be seeing students by appointment only.  We  will continue offering virtual tutoring to our students as well. All covid-19 protocols remain in place. 
Please email or call us to schedule a day/time that is convenient for you!

Lucy Zelman’s Learning Center
provides a unique educational service that can help with most school related needs.  It is our goal to work with individual students to help them reach their true potential.  Our expert teachers foster good study habits and organization skills that can be applied to all learning situations.


Proper study skills offer long term benefits, such as self-motivation and improved self-esteem.
Is your child moving to virtual school?
Don't forget about their real-world skills!
With virtual school courses continuing to grow in popularity, we would like to extend our services to help those students making the transition to online learning.  

Whether your student is taking one virtual school course or is completely enrolled in an online program, Lucy Zelman's Lerning Center can aid in transitioning your student to an online format.  
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can help your virtual school student!

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Phone Number: (305) 378-8582